Landini Rex Fruit Tractors



Ultimate performance, ergonomics, comfort and safety


The new Landini REX series brings to the market a new generation of specialists par excellence. The whole range has been completely renovated to provide ultimate performance, improved ergonomics, maximum comfort and unequalled safety.

The renovation work consists in a redesigned cab roof, a tilting hood restyling with integrated nicely shaped headlights, and a complete re-vamping of the cockpit, where a new and more ergonomic control layout provides maximum roominess for the operator, thus responding to specialist needs in an increasingly more professional way.

An improved PTO engagement, a more precise adjustment of power lift sensitivity, the availability of front power lift and PTO as well as new hydraulic

options underscore the evolution of this range... Thanks to its innovating features the Rex series, available in both cab and platform versions, is an outstanding all-round performer providing maximum reliability, utmost versatility and excellent manoeuvrability in any soil condition, in any specialised crop, with any sort of implements.

A reduced steering radius further enhances performance and productivity where space is at a premium.
The new REX series has been completely renovated to offer three different transmissions combined with a variety of transaxle, front and rear axles solutions and different wheelbase and track dimensions. The series comes in three models designed for specific applications:

  • F model (narrow orchard) ideal for work in small-sized orchards.
  • GE model (low orchard) ideal for work in low orchard plantations.
  • GT model(large orchard) for use in standard orchards and in open field.

The new Rex series, besides featuring new avant-garde technologies and additional options, are also equipped with new Tier3-compliant 3- and 4-cylinder turbo, aftercooler Perkins engines. A product range combining performance, reliability, comfort and design. This is the great strength of Rex tractors

The Landini REX Vineyard series has been designed for true professionals. It mounts fluid-cooled 3 and 4-cylinder Perkins engines that offer high performances in terms of power, engine torque and torque reserve and which, along with tried and tested reliability, represent the prime features of the range. The modular transmissions, which reflect the LANDINI philosophy, are simple and reliable, but their main feature is the low power draw typical of mechanical transmissions. The gearbox has a synchronized reverse shuttle, 3 ranges where the options are the Overdrive, torace along at 40 kph, the Underdrive to reduce each ratio by 20% and the Creeper to obtain a 300 m/h ground speed (-80% of all ratios). The all-out width of the "narrow" Landini REX V version is only 980 mm with 28" tyres for both PLAT and CAB types while the hydraulic circuit with single or double pump makes REX V "top of the class" when it comes to performance and versatility since up to 8 auxiliary control valves can be mounted.

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